Valid is a company committed to the community and privileges the rational use of natural resources in its entire production chain and fairness and social inclusion in corporate relations. The objectives are practical. The corporate citizenship position ensures successful businesses in the long run.

Thus, a leading company is built in the market, truly interested in the environmental issues and social development. Adding this attitude to quality solutions, we answer the interests of our stakeholders, gaining their support and commitment.


  • Valid operations abide by the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates.
  • Valid total responsibility policy is certified by an external body, which encompasses the company’s relations with its several types of public, including society and the government.
  • The production chain processes consider the rational use of natural resources from the acquisition of raw material, the use of non-poisonous and non-polluting materials to waste management.
  • Maintenance of quality and security certifications, such as ISO 9001 and NBR 15540.
  • Green building, a concept employed in the construction of Sorocaba plant in 2010. This building has natural lighting and ventilation, effluent treatment station, generator mill, water reuse systems, paper and scrap vacuum, amongst others.

Environmental Indicators:

  • For a continued improvement of its processes and facilities, Valid monitors main consumption indexes at its plants, overseeing their evolvement, identifying improvement opportunities and developing action plans in relation to relevant environmental aspects.
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