We Are Valid

We are a powerhouse that delivers trusted solutions with innovation and state-of-the-art technology to offer a more trustworthy, secure, and digital world.

With a global legacy of more than 60 years, we are constantly evolving; today, we have over 4,000 employees who are working to offer more security, trust, and accountability in all our solutions.


Our Journey

Learn a little about our story, where trust and accountability are fundamental pillars of the journey that has been in progress since 1957, and that turned Valid into what it has become today.


Valid positions itself as a major provider for the digital society, integrating solutions for secure identification of people, journeys and transactions, from three major ecosystems: ID & Digital Government, Banking & Payment Methods and Secure Connectivity.


We concentrated our operational activities in the manufacturing unit in Sorocaba (SP) and, continuing the process of optimizing our portfolio and focusing on core assets, we announced the sale of the Pay, ID and Data assets in the United States. As part of our process of accelerating the innovation and transformation of our business verticals, we created Valid Ventures. 2022 was a year marked by expressive results and record EBITDA.


We evolved and created a new brand to strengthen Valid’s power. We rewrote our values and purpose, and we continued on the path to building a new culture, achieving our best financial performance so far, with record revenue and EBITDA.


In this challenging year, Valid focused on strengthening its partnerships with employees, suppliers, and clients. The company also focused on expanding the digital solutions offered, such as Brazil’s digital ID card— the RG Digital—which was one of the major projects implemented in the state of São Paulo.


After the 2013 Copa América and the 2014 World Cup, Valid renewed its operations in credentials management and control for sporting events, at another continental-level tournament.


Constantly seeking to expand its operations, Valid applied its competitive potential to agribusiness and began developing technology and solutions for the management of smart cities.


Valid entered the world of IoT, with a project developed for the automotive industry together with Cubic Telecom.


A new acquisition solidified Valid’s presence in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, thus extending its reach into five continents.


Valid expanded its portfolio in the United States, with Secure Identification Systems.


With a presence in Brazil, Argentina, and Spain, the company began to solidify its presence in the United States, offering Data, Payment, and Mobile Solutions.


Thomas de La Rue was renamed as Valid and began operating in Europe, laying the groundwork for a new era.


The Payment Solutions portfolio is opened up to Argentina.


Thomas de La Rue went public in Brazil, selling 57% of its equity and raising a total of 480 million Brazilian reals.


After three decades, American Banknote acquired Thomas de La Rue, kicking off an extended period of expansion. The company quickly became a benchmark in Brazil in the secure issuance of documents.


Under the name of the English company Thomas de La Rue, Valid began operating in Brazil as a subsidiary, providing printing technology services and security paper.

Our Values


We are transparent in all our interactions, and we know that this is a two-way street. We act and communicate how, why, and what we plan to do, with frankness and respect. We do not hide mistakes, opinions, or differing views.


We do what we say, and we say what we do. We believe that the ends do not justify the means, so we have zero tolerance for going outside the bounds of what is considered to be legal and moral. 


We practice team spirit, where “we” is greater than “I.” We are therefore at the service of our company and our teams. We avoid finding fault, and we work together to seek solutions. We are committed to results—not just individual or departmental, but for Valid as a whole.


Trust is power: here, there, and everywhere. That’s why we believe in sincerity and loyalty. We always seek to do things well, we trust in our abilities, and we seek continuous development.


We demonstrate an openness to dialog, to diversity of thinking, ideas, opinions, and to all genders, races, ethnicities, orientations, ideas, etc. We learn from our errors, even though we know that no one likes to make mistakes.


We believe in empowering each person, and in trusting in their abilities, responsibility, and commitment.  We are open to differing beliefs, but we work actively to meet our commitments.

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