Registration Data

Company Name: Valid Soluções S.A.

Company name start date: 10/8/2010

Previous company name: AMERICAN BANKNOTE S.A.

Date of incorporation: 5/13/1957

Corporate Taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ): 33.113.309/0001-47

Company Registry (NIRE): 35.3.0060022-3

CVM Code: 2002-8

CVM registry date: 4/12/2006

Independent Auditors: Ernst & Young Auditores Independentes

Country of origin: Brazil

Country where securities are held under custody: Brazil

Newspapers where the issuer publishes its information: Valor Econômico – SP

Mail address: R. Laura Maiello Kook, 511 – Ipanema das Pedras, Sorocaba – SP, 18052-445,


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