Notice to shareholders – Payment of Interest on Equity

Rio de Janeiro, December 11, 2018 Valid Soluções S.A. (“Company”) (B3: VLID3 ON), hereby informs its investors and the market that the Board of Directors’ Meeting of December 11, 2018 approved the payment of interest on equity to shareholders, based on the balance sheet of December 31, 2017, totaling forty-one million, four hundred and fourteen thousand, four hundred and thirty-six reais and forty-seven cents (R$41,414,436.47), subject to withholding income tax, as applicable. The gross value per share referring to the interest on equity is R$0.588235294, which may change due to negotiations with treasury shares by the Company.

Said amount will be distributed to shareholders in proportion of their interest in the Company’s capital stock, except for shares held in treasury, which will not be entitled to the payment. The amount will be paid on January 10, 2019 based on the record of December 14, 2018, net of income tax.

The payment will be made through Banco Bradesco S.A. (“Banco Bradesco”), the depository institution of the shares, by means of automatic credit to account holders and shareholders who have already informed Banco Bradesco the number of their individual taxpayer’s ID (CPF) or corporate taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ), as well as their bank account.

Shareholders who have not provided this information are required to go to a Bradesco branch in order to update their registration information.

We hereby inform that shareholders whose shares are held in custody by B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, will receive the proceeds through their custody agents.

For more information, please contact our Investor Relations Department.

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