Notice to the Market


Rio de Janeiro, October 25, 2018 – Valid Soluções S.A. (“Company“) (B3:VLID3 ON), hereby informs its shareholders and the market that the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM“) called to occur on this date was not held at first call due to the fact that the legal quorum was not met. Additionally, the Company’s Board of Directors, in light of (1) the letters received from Aberdeen Standard Investments, holder of 7.1% of the Company’s capital stock, and from Teorema Gestão de Ativos Ltda., manager of and Equity Investment Fund holder of shares representing 0.91% of the Company’s capital stock (“Teorema FIA“) and (2) the fact that the legal quorum required to hold the EGM at first call was not met; resolved, in a meeting held on this date, that a new Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened, with an agenda that shall include, in addition to the Management Proposal and to the Shareholders’ Proposal, the proposal presented by the Teorema FIA. The Board of Directors considered this to be the adequate approach in order to allow the shareholders of the Company to equally assess all the proposals regarding the provision for the protection of the shareholding dispersion set out in the Bylaws. The Company hereby informs that the call notice for the new Extraordinary General Meeting will be duly disclosed along with the other supporting materials. The complete letters presented by Aberdeen and by Teorema FIA are attached to this Notice to the Market. 

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