Notice to the Market – New Share Buyback Program

Notice to the Market

New Share Buyback Program

Rio de Janeiro, March 05, 2018 – Valid Soluções e Serviços de Segurança em Meios de Pagamento e Identificação S.A. (“Company”) (B3: VLID3 ON), pursuant to Law 6,404/76 and CVM Instruction 358/02, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general, after the Board of Directors’ Meeting held on this date: (a) the end of the Company’s share buyback program that began on February 2, 2017, through which five hundred and twenty-four thousand (524,000) common shares of the Company were acquired to be held in treasury and subsequently sold or cancelled and (b) the opening of a New Buyback Program for common shares of the Company, under the following conditions:

(i) Purpose: Acquisition of Company shares, with no reduction in the capital stock, for further cancellation, sale and/or to enable the Company to comply with the obligations arising from the Long Term Incentive Plan aimed at its professionals and those of its subsidiaries;

(ii) Maximum authorized number: up to one million (1,000,000) common shares, corresponding to approximately 1.44% of the outstanding shares. As this number is below the maximum limit, the Board of Directors may review the maximum number of shares authorized herein at any time, increasing it up to the legal authorized limit. The Board of Executive Officers is hereby granted the power to determine when it is convenient and opportune to carry out the operations, as well as the number of shares to be traded, with due regard to the established limits

(iii) Maximum period for the operations to be carried out: Eighteen (18) months as of this date, expiring on September 6, 2019;

(iv) Pursuant to CVM Instruction 567, the Company has sixty-nine million, two hundred and sixteen thousand, four hundred and fifty (69,216,450) common shares outstanding.

(v) The following financial institutions will act as intermediaries:

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