Notice to the Market – The city of Providence, Rhode Island, partners with Valid to launch its premier Municipal Identification Card Program


The city of Providence, Rhode Island, partners with Valid to launch its premier
Municipal Identification Card Program

Rio de Janeiro, July 10, 2018 – Valid Soluções e Serviços de Segurança em Meios de Pagamento e Identificação S.A. (“Company”) (B3: VLID3 ON), is pleased to announce that on June 26, 2018, its client, the City of Providence, RI, launched its municipal ID card to the public. Mayor Jorge O. Elorza signed an executive order in November 2017 to establish the Providence Municipal ID Program and fulfil his pledge to promote inclusive, companionate, and forward thinking policies in support of all Providence residents. The City of Providence selected Valid in a competitive bid to help design and produce its municipal ID cards, formally named IDPVD. These cards benefit community recipients who might otherwise have trouble acquiring and retaining suitable identification and proof of residency to access city services. 

In most cities there is a portion of the population that is undocumented or under-documented, including immigrants, homeless, foster youth, formerly incarcerated individuals, and the non-driving elderly. Without a government-issued ID, many people face severe barriers in interactions with government entities, seeking healthcare, opening a bank account, requesting public services, or even collecting a package from the Post Office. Some cities, such as Providence, have addressed these issues with a municipal card that helps overcome these barriers and provides a single, acceptable access to an array of city services. The Providence Municipal Card (IDPVD) provides cardholders with access to Providence libraries, and is exploring transit access, ways to support the local school system for children 14 to 18 years of age. Moreover, IDPVD is available to all residents with an added benefit of providing discounts at local establishments and special venues. 

The City of Providence’s municipal card solution is provided through Valid’s Municipal ID as a Service (MIDaaS) program. With MIDaaS, Valid provides an end-to-end, cloud-based, hosted solution with security and privacy protection at the core and enables municipalities to securely offer their residents access to city services. Valid utilizes its web-based software platform, WebLink ID, for identity management to support secure enrollment and vetting of the applicant’s identities, and manages production of the centrally-issued, ID credentials. MIDaaS cards have significant embedded security features to protect against card or identity counterfeiting. The ID cards are mailed either directly to the recipients or to a designated city local office for in-person pick up. Valid’s MIDaaS protects Providence’s residents’ personally identifiable information in high availability and high security data centers and enables tracking of an individual ID card from pre-production through delivery to the end user.

Both MIDaaS and Municipal ID Cards are part of Valid’s portfolio for Smart Cities. The company has an ideal set of solutions and services that enable identification of objects and verification of residency, designed to improve quality of services locally administered. 

“Valid is honored to work with the City of Providence on this initiative. We are very pleased the credentials we produce provide the security and functionality to help the residents of Providence access City services,” said Michael Fox, Valid VP and Chief Commercial Officer. 

“Most of us take having a form of identification for granted until we realize how hard it is to carry out everyday activities without one.” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “IDPVD is easily accessible and shows every resident that they are part of the Providence community. In a time when the forces that pull us apart seem stronger than ever, we’re thrilled to announce programs like this that promote acceptance. We thank Valid for their support on this bold idea and providing technology and service that maximizes the ID cards’ security and protects the privacy of our residents.” 

For further information, please contact the Investor Relations Department.   

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