Notice to the Market – Acquisition of Material Equity Interest

Notice to the Market

Acquisition of Material Equity Interest


São Paulo, January 25, 2018


Valid Soluções e Serviços de Segurança em Meios de Pagamento e Identificação S.A.

Attention to: Rita Carvalho, Rafael Neves, Eduarda de Castro Miguel and Milena Rosa

Board of Executive Officers and Investor Relations Department

Av. Presidente Wilson, 231, 16º andar – Centro

Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Ref.: Statement of Significant Increase in Shareholding

Dear Madams and Sirs,

Alaska Investimento LTDA, a financial institution headquartered at Rua Bandeira Paulista, 600, conjunto 73, Itaim Bibi, CEP 04532-001, in the city and state of São Paulo, enrolled under Corporate Taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ/MF) number 11.752.203/0001-50 (“MANAGER”), duly accredited by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (“CVM”) as Securities Manager, pursuant to CVM Declaratory Act 11,198, of July 28, 2010, acquired shares from this issuer, as shown below:

Class of Shares of the Issuer Total Shares Percentage reached
Common shares (VLID3) 7,216,330 10.13%

The Manager declares that it has no other securities and derivative financial instruments referenced in such shares, whether of physical or financial settlement, or any agreement or contract regulating the exercise of voting rights or the purchase and sale of securities issued by the Company.

The purpose of the increase in the shareholding of the Funds managed by the MANAGER is merely to carry out financial transactions; it does not intend to change the Company’s shareholding control or administrative structure; and, finally, the Funds do not intend to achieve any specific shareholding.

Finally, the MANAGER declares that the shareholding reported herein refers only to the Funds mentioned above.




Alaska Investimentos Ltda

Rafael Yura Kubota

Risk and Compliance Officer