Valid’s history over the past 60 years shows its capacity of evolving and offering products and solutions that meet the market demand which has been continuously changing.

Valid is created in 1957, still named as Thomas de La Rue, operating in the sale of high security paper and printing technologies, its first specialization in the offering of security solutions to its clients. In 1993, after three decades of growth, American Banknote buys the Company, initiating a phase of great expansion, driving its knowledge, expertise e reputation to broadening and diversifying its offering. Now, the Company operates in the development of services, products and solutions in the card sector, identification systems and security printing, in 18 Brazilian states.

The credibility conquered with clients, relevant brands of the financial market, telecommunications and also governmental institutions, made the company to strengthen its market leadership and become a quality benchmark in solutions delivered.

The ownership structure changed in 2010 and American Banknote (ABnote) no longer was the Company’s shareholder. Thus, a new name and a new brand were developed and adopted, representing the Company’s unique value proposal and history.

Then Valid arises, the integration of a young company with the experience of decades allowing the Company to offer quality, intelligence and efficiency from definition of its solutions in products and services to its delivery and development.

The new brand refers to the concept of validating and represents the reliability, Company’s business key word, conquered over 50 years with its clients and essential to this new phase of an integrated offering in business units so that, regardless of the market, technologies, services and products evolvement, the Company is always ready to meet demands with excellent services.

The main highlight in 2012 was Valid’s strategic entry into the US market. In November, Valid concluded the acquisition of assets of Vmark, Inc and its affiliates, a leading company recognized for the production of banking cards and solutions, at the total amount of US$49.4 million (free liabilities), reinforcing the Company’s growth strategy in other geographic markets, expanding its operations and adding value to its shareholders and stakeholders.

This trend of acquisitions ranks Valid as the world’s 4th largest plastic card manufacturer. Allowing it to operate in relevant growing markets, including SmartCards EMV payments to occur in the USA over the next years. The entry into this market represents a consistent investment in our long-term growth strategy, since it indicates that the US market will play an important role in the development of our business over the upcoming years.

With VMark acquisition, now we have over 6,000 people in Brazil, the USA, Spain and Argentina, working with the same goal: the best and most complete services in the market offered to our clients.